Ten Ways to be a Mythic Content Whisperer

Every customer engagement with your brand starts with “smart” content.

It’s more than great writing, although that’s a given.

You need “cut through the clutter” images that jar the lethargic always on gaze of today’s distracted consumer.

Ten Rules for Content Brands in Search of Crowds

Rule #1 – blog with the absolute best content you can produce, don’t waste valuable time or resources on social media until your business has 30-50 blog posts completed.

Once this content is created you have something meaningful to share across the social web that’s going to promote your business, not just garner momentary attention of today’s fickle consumer.

To stand out: try irregularity with images juxtaposed with your content, irreverent or irresistible. Think Miles Davis kinda cool – the man knew when to add a note and when to hold back.

Ten Ways to be a Mythic Content Whisperer


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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