Successful Marketing campaigns in social media to target women

women-in-social-mediaRecent studies point out that women use social networks more than men; indeed, Facebook & Twitter female users reach 57%, Flickr’s 55% and MySpace 64%.

Following those results, one thing is certain: the future of social media will be focused on women, and businesses wishing to promote their products or services will have a great opportunity to attract them directly via targeted marketing campaigns.

By appealing women through the usage of social media, companies are likely to get real time feedback on their new products, services and online campaigns. What do women talk about in social networks?

You’ll be surprised (or not actually) to find out that 62% of women talk about products. They are essentially interested about beauty products, then comes the food, the restaurants, and also the movies, the music or the entertainment.

Keeping that in mind, and within 4 easy steps described below, let’s see how to effectively target women and increase your business’s visibility and sales:

Successful Marketing campaigns in social media to target women


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