Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Rocket You to Success

Social media meets marketing at its best

Seventy-four percent of Internet users are registered on social media.

Interesting, isn’t it? Now, imagine if your business could reach each one of them.

It sounds impossible, but with the right social media marketing tools, you’ll have a better chance of engaging your ideal clients. Whether you’re looking to build new relationships or strengthen existing ones, here are seven tools that will improve your marketing campaign by leaps and bounds.

1) Shutterstock

With so many businesses on the web, how do you make your content stand out? Adding images is one excellent solution.

Shutterstock is one of the best places to find high-quality stock photographs that are royalty-free. The site has millions of photographs to choose from, as well as illustrations, icons, and music samples. You can explore media from dozens of different categories, including wildlife, fashion, and infographics.

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Shutterstock’s subscription service is also well-priced, and it’s easy to sign up. Depending on your content needs, you can pay by individual photo or purchase a membership for up to a year. Whatever option you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive a high-quality product from one of the most recognizable and respected image databases on the web.

2) Piktochart

Like Shutterstock, Piktochart emphasizes the visual side of social media. With Piktochart, you can create stunning infographics that are easily shareable on multiple platforms.

Piktochart’s easy-to-use interface was created for the non-designer. To create an infographic, you simply need to drag and drop different pre-designed elements onto your screen. The process is highly customizable, with tons of available themes, icons, and photos.

What’s not to love? Piktochart’s happy customers range from marketing specialists to public school teachers. If you’re looking to create visually appealing infographics to share on social media, Piktochart has everything you need.

Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Rocket You to Success


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