Social Media Marketing Automation Dos and Don’ts

socialmediaautomationtools.jpgIf you’ve got your hands full managing the day-to-day operation of your business, sometimes posting on Twitter or Facebook is the last thing on your mind. Using social media automation tools can help you maintain a consistent social media presence without sacrificing the rest of your work. Here are some dos and don`ts on how to integrate social media automation into your online marketing.

Do: Mix up your automated tweets and status updates with ones you write in real time.
Automation is not a solution for all of your social media needs. That`s because social media is inherently … social – so you`ll need to put a little effort into responding to your customers and prospects in real time. It`s okay if it`s not immediate, but do set aside some time for answering questions on Twitter, responding to Facebook comments, sharing Instagram pictures of your product or store and circling your fans on Google+. Automating will simply complement your real-time social media marketing, rather than replacing it…

Social Media Marketing Automation Dos and Don’ts


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