Social Media Etiquette We Often Forget

Common sense should dictate the way we should interact with the Internet. Unfortunately, even an Internet marketing agency can sometimes forget. For one, bad manners and poor behaviors proliferate in various social media sites. The worst part is, they are even committed by legit businesses. We need to think more before we click.


On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has:

  • 120 million active users daily
  • 63% female users and 37% male users
  • 1.2 million products and services featured on Company pages

LinkedIn is a professional platform. So, as much as possible, your updates should be purely related to your respective industry. When updating your page though, use first person so that people would know that it specifically refers to your brand.

When sending a connection request, personalize it by telling why you are connecting with him or her. Send a welcome message if the person connected with you. Through this, you can build a — hopefully — strong relationship with your new connection.

Never employ a recommendation or endorsement request blast. It is blatantly annoying.

When using groups, aspire to contribute relevant information to the group members. The groups are not intended as an advertising platform thus keep your promotions at bay.

Social Media Etiquette We Often Forget


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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