Social Media & Content Marketing

Social media and content marketing go hand in hand. Social networks and their users love high quality content, and content marketers love the exposure social media gives their brand.

In 2014, it’s no longer an option to lack a social media presence. It’s imperative that businesses build a strong brand identity on their social pages, be it through curated or original content. Brands must utilize the power of social media to get their content in front of potential customers, expand their reach, and generate more traffic.

Social media is an invaluable tool to content marketers and one that should play a central role in your strategy—here’s why:

Interact with Customers—Having an active social media presence allows you to get your brand’s message in front of more potential customers, and -more importantly- keeps you there when the time comes for them to purchase your products or services. Think about how people move through the online buying cycle—there’s often times a large gap between initial awareness and interest, and an actual conversion. By staying active on social media and interacting with your customers, you can close that gap, keep their attention, and encourage them to take the action you want. Furthermore, your ability to interact with customers via social media also gives you the opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty. Marketing is all about building and maintaining positive relationships, and what better way is there than by communicating with your customers in a fun, free, and open environment. Social media makes it easy to have conversations, answer questions, address concerns, and build trust with your customers, helping to cultivate a positive and valuable relationship.

Social Media & Content Marketing


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