Psychological Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Human psychology is not only fascinating, but it can also provide keen insight into how consumers make purchasing decisions. By understanding the triggers that encourage consumers to take specific actions, your brand can take advantage of the opportunity to boost your marketing campaign’s performance. Understand however that while psychology can be relevant to both offline and online marketing, implementing psychological marketing in your online and social media marketing strategies requires special planning.

When it comes to developing brand conversations on social media, it is important for marketers to evaluate behavioral psychology. No longer is it simply enough to evaluate your social media marketing campaigns in terms of whether you receive positive or negative comments. Given the social nature of social media, it should certainly come as no surprise that psychology plays heavily into social media marketing, which is why some posts are more likely to go viral than others. The tips below can help you to utilize behavioral psychology in your next social media marketing campaign.

Psychological Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing


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