Nailing Your Non-Profit SEO Strategy

From their legal structures to their taxing regulations, non-profits operate differently than their for-profit counterparts. They also differ in the way they should approach SEO strategy. Once reserved for the technically elite, virtually any company can now use search engine optimization to its advantage. In some ways, SEO stakes for non-profit companies are higher; improved search result ranking can mean the difference between people finding your potentially life-saving services and missing out.

As a non-profit entity, your end goals are likely different than other organizations. While a doctor’s office may be primarily focused on conversions, for example, your goal is likely to seek out donors, volunteers, and other companies to form partnerships. For these reasons, you need a more specific approach. So how do you slam-dunk your SEO strategy?…

Nailing Your Non-Profit SEO Strategy


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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