Mobile First Means Content First with Responsive Web Design

Mobile First Means Content First with Responsive Web DesignMobile First = Content First.

I often hear this mantra championed by Synecore’s in-resident web design diva, Jacey Gulden. It’s one of those profound phrases that instantly resonates with you when you hear it, even if you’re not fully sure what it means; a pithy aphorism you wish you had a few months to chew on while trekking across the Himalayas; something vaguely reminiscent of the wise utterances imparted by blind Master Po to a young David Carradine on Kung Fu…you get the picture.

Even though I’m still wrapping my head around all the nuances of “mobile first = content first,” I believe the phrase aptly reflects an important new reality for businesses and marketers that can be understood as a two-part equation: the massive consumer adoption of mobile devices requires companies (1) take a mobile-first approach to website design, which in turn implies they (2) take a content-first approach that focuses on content structure, navigation, and user experience.

Here’s how the second part of this equation breaks down:

Content Structure – both the type of content (written, video, audio, images) and its objective (i.e. promotional, informational, entertaining; TOFU, MOFU, BOFU)

Content Navigation – refers to the way the content is laid out on the site. This should be approached from the user’s perspective.

Mobile First Means Content First with Responsive Web Design


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