Marketing takeaways from design thinking

whistlers-mom-flickr-3961139526-1aa188610d-zAs marketers, it’s easy to get stuck in campaign cycles and budgets, which is why a design thinking mindset can offer new ways of combatting marketing challenges.

At times we can lose track of the consumer and their ever-changing needs. This is why I believe marketers can learn a lot from the art of design thinking: the method of thinking in the design process.

Design thinking offers marketers an approach to generate a deeper understanding of the consumer based on the principles of ethnographic research, and puts the customer at the center. It’s the first step in finding innovative solutions to a given problem.

So, what can marketers learn from this approach? A lot if you ask me. Here are a few points to get started…

Marketing takeaways from design thinking


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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