Marketing Site Design for Startups

Marketing Site Design for StartupsStartups spend a great deal of time and money getting people to visit their marketing site (aka, their website). A startup’s marketing site typically exists to establish brand awareness, promote a sense of reliability, generate leads, and sell products or services.

What is unfortunate, however, is how many times a poorly designed site can actually hinder these processes, not help them.

There are many aspects of a site’s design that can be optimized to increase conversions, and therefore return on investment for advertising. Now, when I talk about design here, I’m not so much talking about font choice, overall color scheme, or whether you use rounded corners or not. While the overall design can give your website a certain “feel”, and that is certainly something you want to work in your favor, what I am talking about are the strategic decisions behind the website.

Marketing Site Design for Startups


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