Marketing Isn’t Everything – The One-Word Secret to Success

Marketing tips by Jason WiserZara Altair’s Midweek Zap invited Jason Wiser, our On Track Tips host and owner of Wiser Sites, to talk about marketing strategy. With Zara’s audience involved to the hilt, the show was plenty of fun and absolutely LITTERED with pithy Wiserisms.

Here’s a fire hose perspective on how the discussion progressed:

How important is it to have a marketing strategy?

The bottom line is this: Your marketing strategy is but a subset of your business strategy. Marketing is not ALL of your business; it is but a part of your business.

Many times, entrepreneurs dash out of the gate and begin marketing before they have decided exactly what they are selling. Get your products and services in line, then worry about marketing. That is generally the best approach.

Marketing Isn’t Everything – The One-Word Secret to Success

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