Love It or Hate It: Influencer Marketing Works

In a world where content production is in overdrive, it’s getting difficult, and, I daresay, nearly impossible for brands to cut through the noise and stand out among the crowd. That’s why turning people into brand advocates who can move the needle on consumer decisions makes a lot of sense for today’s brands. By orientating their marketing activity around these individuals, brands can attract and retain customers on a long-term basis. For the uninitiated, I’m talking about influencer marketing. What’s influencer marketing? It is the concept that the most powerful way to place a brand’s message before an interested audience is through a voice they trust.

Influencers may be marketing’s next “golden goose,” as people no longer trust ads, but they do trust people. More accurately, they trust a voice of authority. But, brands should be careful about who they choose as influencers and how genuine the message is that’s being put forth, otherwise your “influencer marketing” might begin to resemble may wander into the realms of traditional advertising and paid promotion. Perhaps, this is why the relevance and true intent of influence marketing is often frowned upon. However, one thing is for sure—whether we like it or not, influencer marketing is taking off…

Love It or Hate It: Influencer Marketing Works




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