Local SEO: How To Get Your Storefront Found on Google

When you’re a small business owner, no one needs to tell you about the unique challenges of your job. You’re the boss, the bookkeepers, your office’s barista all in one. Being a small business owner is unlike any other job in the world – so it shouldn’t surprise that SMBs have a unique set of rules when it comes to mastering your SEO.

If you’re a small business with a physical storefront, your main marketing goal is to draw more customers through your door, (duh!) So when people conduct a Google search for a business just like yours, it only makes sense that you’ll want your name & address to be the first things they see! This specific strand of search engine optimization for businesses with a storefront is called “local SEO”.

Not sure if local SEO is right for you? The trick is to NAP – no, not that kind – we’re referring to the Name, Address & Phone number of your biz. If your business has these 3 things, then you’re in the right place to strengthen your website’s SEO strategy. Who isn’t this post for? If your business is Ecommerce based or an online service in which you don’t interact with users face-to-face (like a web service based business or blog), then these tips don’t apply to you. Look out for future blog posts that will cover the perfect SEO for these businesses.

Local SEO: How To Get Your Storefront Found on Google


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