Linkbuilding Fundamentals

In my previous entry, I talked about how big of a chunk links are to your site’s SEO. In this one, I’ll be talking about the basics and must-knows about linkbuilding. Why do you need links? How important is it? Where do I start?

Links don’t grow on trees

First off, you have to realize the linkbuilding is one of the slowest, pain-in-the-ass processes that you have to go through to grow your site’s visibility as an SEO practitioner. Links don’t just pop out of nowhere. You have to earn it.

And, yes, even if links do grow on trees, you have to climb a bad-ass ladder in order to pick it off.

So why do you need links?

Links make up roughly 42% of your site’s SEO. Now that’s a HUGE chunk out of the SEO pie-chart from SEOmoz. That number is no joke. But it’s not everything too. Links give your site more authority and reputation – giving it the power to strengthen the weight of it’s keywords.

Linkbuilding Fundamentals


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