Is Your Social Media Marketing Cart Before Your Horse?

Social media can be a very effective marketing channel — that is, when brands utilize it correctly. Columnist Mark Traphagen explains how to get the most from social media.

Sure, you can put a cart before a horse — but why would you?

People have been using horses to pull carts for a few thousand years now. It’s safe to say the generally-accepted methodology (horse, then cart) has been thoroughly tested and found to be the most effective.

No sane person would put a cart before a horse, yet far too many online marketers put their social media cart in front of their marketing horses.

And then they wonder why their social media marketing is ineffective.

In this column, I will explain what those horses are and why you need to get them out in front of your social media efforts.

Three Strikes Against Social Media Marketing (Maybe)

If social media is going to retain any legitimate place in the online marketing tool box, it has some explaining to do.

In his recent post, “Stop Social Media Marketing,” Augie Ray paints a bleak picture. He cites three statistics published in the past year that seem to indicate that social media has little effect on real business goals:

Is Your Social Media Marketing Cart Before Your Horse?


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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