Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions?

Let’s say you do a Google search, click on a paid ad, and navigate to a site to purchase bespoke pillowcases. In the lower right-hand corner of your browser you notice something lying in wait. After thirty seconds or so spent lost in the intricate stitching details, a live chat box manned by somebody, let’s call them Hodor and Hagrid, materializes. He or she offers assistance. You bite.

online chat support conversionsIf I’m the owner of the artisanal pillowcase emporium, I’m jazzed: You, the prospect, are having a great on-site experience. Perhaps you were so impressed with Hodor’s mastery of headrests that you made a purchase. Maybe you’re not entirely sold but you joined the mailing list, and the offer for 20% off your first purchase that’s about to hit your inbox will seal the deal. Worst case scenario, you’ll get added to our remarketing list and for the next seven days my ads will conjure memories of the friendly disembodied head who answered your questions…

Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions?


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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