Is Cooperative Content the Future of Content Marketing?

Is the high-volume, low-effort approach of cooperative content at odds with smart content marketing? Joel Klettke examines this emerging trend.

cooperative contentWhat if polished, high-production value content isn’t where content marketing should be headed?

In fact, what if experts—really smart people—were arguing that the future of content marketing didn’t lie in the kinds of gorgeous, often lengthy pieces we see being put together by top journalists, copywriters and marketers?

And what if instead, they were arguing for the merits of a large (gigantic, in fact) quantity of lower-effort content—even going so far as to call it a “Marketing Trend for 2015“?

On its face, that sort of sentiment spins counter to everything we’ve grown to believe about companies creating “great” content, especially when we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of long, gorgeous, well-thought-out pieces floating around out there.

And yet, that’s exactly the argument that the respected Jay Baer of Convince and Convert is making when he discusses what he calls “cooperative content” as the future of content marketing.

Is Cooperative Content the Future of Content Marketing?


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