Infographic: The Great Divide in Content Marketing

Content marketing is a struggle. It’s a struggle to get organic traffic, a struggle to get an audience, and a struggle to get quality leads.

Today’s marketers have to battle for the attention of visitors whose attention span themselves is only a few minutes. Americans have more content available than they ever had. The average American spends 60 hours every week consuming content across multiple devices. We’ve reached a point of content overload. From all the mobile apps people consume to all the content on video streaming services – it’s a wonder how they can ever get around to reading your blog post and taking the time to learn about your company. Their minds have gone overboard with all the content they consume in a day. It seems as if nobody has time to do anything.

This is one of the largest challenges for content marketers – and it won’t go away anytime soon. There’s just going to be more hot apps to try, more articles to read, more videos to watch, and more sites competing for the same keywords.

So how can a company succeed in this content world? In my opinion, it will be companies that can provide a blend of personalized and discoverable content. People want to read things that are personalized to them, but they also want to discover new content. They want familiarity, but they also wan to learn.

Netflix blends this very well. Not one user homepage is the same. Each one is personalized to each users previous viewing patterns and ratings. They have suggestions for movies you might enjoy (personalized) combined with sections like “Popular Now” to give you a peak at what others have watched. This breaks things up nicely.

Infographic: The Great Divide in Content Marketing


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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