Influence is about Community and Relationships

When brands think of influence they often think about an individual or about the actual act of driving someone to make an action or decision. The real question is who is being influenced and what are the desired outcomes. To understand who is being influenced you must listen and engage your community to understand what they are passionate about and how they go about making their decision.

Communities Path to Decision

Much like a path to purchase for a customer, a community will have a path at which they validate, test and listen to someone or a group of people who are influential. Communities booth internal and external of any brand product or service become the key driver for understanding not only who is influential but where they’re influential and what their influential about. In today’s digitally connected and socially driven age it’s no longer about what someone did in the past rather what is their involvement in the community today. Therefore who was brand deemed influential last year or even last month might have changed based on the relationship and community involvement happening today…

Influence is about Community and Relationships


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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