How To Write Ridiculously Persuasive Landing Page Content

I used to think persuasion was a dirty word. For me, and there’s really no viable explanation for it, it was synonymous with deceit.

I don’t know, just something about the word seemed very “Vader coercing Luke of interstellar domination” to me.

But then I started working for an awesome company where I believed in the solution we offered. It’s crazy what that can do for changing one’s philosophy.

I wanted our audience to believe, too. But I know enough to understand that people view any advertisement with a healthy dose of skepticism. It’s a natural defense mechanism.

Therefore we need to persuade. And landing pages are prime real estate.

Want to write persuasive landing page content?

Provide actionable benefits

Instead of promoting the main features of your solution, promote the value of it.

Benefits are real. They’re grounded. When done right, they convey a world devoid of challenges. (At least the ones your audience experiences.) What’s better than that?

Features are geeky and abstract. And really, who cares as long as whatever you’re offering solves a problem?

How To Write Ridiculously Persuasive Landing Page Content 


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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