How to Write a Successful Blog

In 2004, I left the corporate world and started a tech & how-to blog calledDigital Inspiration. I have been blogging for more than 10 years now and lot of things have changed in these years.

Back then, there were few blogs, there was no Twitter or Facebook and the only way people could subscribe to a blog was through RSS or email newsletters. Bloggers maintained Blogrolls and generously linked to other blogs. Google search results were a collection of 10 blue links and getting a slot on the front page wasn’t so difficult.

Blogging Tips and Advice

I am no expert at blogging but probably the one advantage I have is that I have been in the business for longer than most. There are no secrets or magic wand that will bring success in the world of blogging but it is a combination of good luck, hard work and consistency.

In one of my recent interview with Lifehacker, they asked me how I work and my answer was “enthusiastically” and “diligently”. I enjoy what I do, I do not see this as work, I am always thinking about ways to improve, to learn and I look forward to working on every morning.

How to Write a Successful Blog


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