How To Use Videos to Market Your Company

Text and photographs go a long way to convey a message, propel a brand, and even to sell products, but video media offer a depth that type and stills have a hard time matching. In this article, we discuss how readers can use video to market their companies.

A few years back, video was best used as a medium for instruction, showcasing, or adding shock value for readers’ enjoyment. Today, video for its own sake is one of the media forms most used on the Internet, and it continues to grow in popularity. This means that now is the prime time to put video to work for your business.

Technology: Making Things Happen

Over the last few years, technology has made quality video production much easier and much more affordable. A hot trend in the hospitality industry is to use video to allow guests of a hotel to provide a video endorsement of their stay, providing a powerful motivation for viewers to consider staying as well. That endorsement is pure gold. The video can then be loaded to the hotel’s web page to create evergreen recommendations. How can you put video to work for your company?…

How To Use Videos to Market Your Company


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