How to Staff a Content Marketing Team

2015-05-February-Team.jpgBehind every great piece of content marketing is a great content team.

That should be obvious, but for all the emphasis brands are placing on content marketing, surprisingly little is said about the teams that make it work. Surprising because while marketers are shifting more dollars toward content marketing, the sector is suffering from a huge staffing problem. Nearly half of all B2C marketers have dedicated content teams within their organizations, according to the latest annual trend report from the Content Marketing Institute (pdf). Yet the same report found that a third of the 5,000-plus marketers surveyed said they had trouble finding trained content marketing professionals.

What’s a marketer to do? Given the relative newness of content marketing, more training may be part of the answer. But let’s face it: none of the skill sets necessary to run a content marketing operation are new. In fact, many of the necessary skills are found in abundance in industries that have seen a lot of downsizing in the last decade. (Publishing and journalism are two examples that quickly come to mind.)

How to Staff a Content Marketing Team


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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