How To Send An Email to Me (Or Anyone) And Guarantee It Will Be Read

So I did a little math this morning, while waiting for my plane from Sydney to Canberra. (Pronounced “Can-bra,” as I learned.)

Between 2005 and 2015, I’ve sent close to two BILLION emails. Now granted, a ton of them were HARO emails, going out three times a day, five days a week, to a quarter million people, but a ton of them weren’t HARO, but were emails from me that I needed someone to read. The one thing I can tell you is that my emails, whether to a million people or to one person specifically, always get read. With your permission, I’m going to teach you , in a few simple steps, how to do the same, no matter who you’re emailing.

Subject lines are EVERYTHING, and they simply MUST include a benefit to the reader. You know what emails I figuratively jump through my phone to read? Ones with subject lines that benefit me. Example: Any subject line that begins with “ITEM #” tells me that it’s a payment, whether for my Business Mastermind series, speaking, consulting, or anything else I do for which I get paid. There is NOTHING better than landing after a long flight and seeing a ton of “ITEM #” emails in your inbox.

Want to be read? Make sure the subject line contains an immediate benefit to the reader. “Speaking opportunity for you” is guaranteed to be opened. So is “Potential consulting gig,” or “CNN HIT TODAY AT 4PM.” “FYI” doesn’t get anywhere near the same attention as “CAN MEET EARLIER IF YOU’RE FREE” does…

How To Send An Email to Me (Or Anyone) And Guarantee It Will Be Read

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