How to Optimize Google Search Results for Pictures as Well as Words

Back in 2007, Google introduced “Universal” search results which combined results from general (text), news, video, image and book search results. It’s also called “blended” search because it “blends” all types of web results together.

Ever since, diversifying your content marketing strategy to include more formats and media types has become increasingly important. A few years later, monitoring and expanding your business visual context became even more essential when Google tweaked its image algorithm for it to become more varied and blended image search results with most “navigational*” query search results. (Navigational queries are those entered with the intent of finding a particular website or webpage. More often than not, these are proper names, such as brands, celebrity names, cities, etc).

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Go ahead and try searching for [ann smarty], for example, and you’ll see what I mean: #3 position is taken by image search results relating to my name. That’s how important images are for my personal brand!

With blended search results, controlling your brand media (video and image) context has become more important. Let’s see how we can improve our visual brand visibility.

How to Optimize Google Search Results for Pictures as Well as Words


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