How to Improve Your Site Conversion Rate: Quick Tips + Case Studies

Driving traffic to your site isn’t the final goal but part of the overall process of converting site visitors into customers. You can have tens of thousands of unique site visitors per day and still not convert those customers into sales. In this post, I’m going to share some tips to help you turn that website traffic into a powerful marketing success story.


Conversion rate = how many of these guys on the left (the visitors) turn into those guys on the right (visitors who place an order or subscribe to your newsletter, or... etc) expressed in a percentile number.Testimonials

Collect testimonials from your satisfied customers and share them on your website. But don’t just stop there. A/B test your use of those testimonials for maximum impact. This can include where you place them on the page, what color the text is or even which testimonials you use.

For example, Wikijob (case study) increased their sales by 34% simply by adding optimized customer testimonials. Put your testimonials to work for you. The goal was to increase sales, but your conversion goals can be anything from social media shares to having visitors sign up for your newsletter…

How to Improve Your Site Conversion Rate: Quick Tips + Case Studies


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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