How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out

I’ve been blogging for as long as I’ve been working. I started blogging shortly after I graduated from college and I’ve never stopped ever since. I blog for myself, I blog for a living, and I blog for self-growth and self-education.

Some of the most frequent questions that I hear are: How do you keep up? How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired? How do you keep producing fresh content without burning out?

I am sure many bloggers have different tricks. Here are mine.

1) Read a lot.

For someone who works so much (while trying to maintain a normal life), this is a tricky one. It’s easy to keep pushing your reading plans down your to-do list until the “actual” work is done. However, without regularly seeing someone else’s work and staying on top of industry trends, you’ll quickly find yourself burnt out.

And this is not just about keeping up with expert articles and professional resources. It’s about reading in general. Reading allows me to refresh my mind, switch to another topic, and ultimately get inspired. It’s also the most efficient self-development and personal growth tactic I am aware of.

But back to the lack-of-time issue I am dealing with. How to find time for reading while you can barely find time for sleep?

How to Blog Consistently Without Burning Out


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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