How Quizzes Can Increase Your Conversion 1000 Percent

by Coy Whittier

We’ve seen them all over social media – quizzes like “Which Disney Princess Are You?” or “How Well Do You Know the Lyrics to Swedish Hip Hop Songs?” Let’s just get the shame out of the way and admit we’ve all taken them (for the record, I got “Belle” and “Not very well”).

But did you know that these quizzes can actually hold the key to significant business growth?

Why use quizzes for content marketing?

Level with me

It’s crazy hard to stand out in the fog these days, especially as a small business. Your marketing efforts are often bound by what you can afford – the coffers won’t allow for unrestrained paid search or PPC, nor can you afford to pay an enormous marketing team. You have to stretch every dollar and test exhaustively to make sure you spend in only the best ways possible…

How Quizzes Can Increase Your Conversion 1000 Percent


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