How PR is seizing the advantage in content marketing

How PR is seizing the advantage in content marketingA couple of weeks ago my colleague Tony wrote about the importance of content in marketing, and how a return to the art of storytelling would be one of the big stories of 2015 come year end.

This is a subject I wanted to follow up on, partly because we’ve been getting a lot of interest lately from clients looking to invest in content-based agencies, and also because here at Green Square we’re all in agreement that content marketing is as much a part of the future of marketing as data and mobile.

This is particularly the case in PR, which of all marketing disciplines has put itself forward as the custodian of content for brands; it has always been closest to journalism as well.

Over the past decade, as the internet has decimated circulations and ad revenues, publishers have both cut back on journalists and resources and come to rely more on PR to fill space with stories. (And interestingly, there has been a steady, decade-long drift of experienced hacks over to the ‘dark side’, tempted by better wages and prospects; magazines and newspapers’ losses have been PR’s gains)…

How PR is seizing the advantage in content marketing


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