How Pinterest and Instragram Can Rock Your Marketing

Pinterest and Instagram – Which One is Better for Marketing?

pinterest _ instagram_susan_gilbertBoth Pinterest and Instagram have exploded in the last few years to become leading marketing tools in social media for brands and businesses. But engaging on each of these is not enough to grow your networks. Are you asking yourself either of these questions?

Is my social media marketing achieving great results?

How can I greatly increase my followers and engagement?

It’s important to understand the difference between these two image based social media platforms; and, how to effectively share content for the best results.

1. Instagram interactions are higher than Pinterest

When posting an image to both social networks with the use of hashtags Instagram comes up on top with the most engagement and longevity of keywords in search. Pinterest content tends to move quickly, but their new intuitive search feature helps you to hone in on the pins that you are looking for.

How Pinterest and Instragram Can Rock Your Marketing


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