How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data]

blogging-frequency-benchmarks“Blog early, blog often.”

In the inbound world, these are words to live by. After all, blogs help businesses attract new website visitors and convert them into leads. Each time you publish an original blog post, you’re creating a new opportunity to get found in search engines, get shared on social media, get linked to by other sites, and get a new person to interact with your company.

The question is, how often does a company need to blog?

To help answer this question, we pulled some blogging data from HubSpot’s 13,500+ customers. Below are a few charts and stats to help you understand how the number of blog posts published monthly and in total can affect traffic and leads, depending on company size and business type…

How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data]


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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