How Much Should You Be Paying Writers for Content? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media marketing relies, to some extent, on freelance writers. Writers are the most common kind of freelance worker in the US. How well does the freelance market treat freelance writers? And if your company employs them, do you treat them as well as other companies? Or maybe better?

Infographics Labs put together this infographic about the current state of freelance writing. And the picture it paints is somewhat discouraging.

It doesn’t seem like freelance writing pays very well. 48% of freelance writers make less than $10,000 a year. And only 13% made more than $30,000. 78% of freelance writers made less than the hourly rates suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association.  Oddly, it seems like freelance writers aren’t unsatisfied by a low rate of pay. (The infographic was based on a survey of 247 freelance writers.)

58% of freelance writers have other jobs that actually support them and only 25% if them pay for their own health insurance…

How Much Should You Be Paying Writers for Content? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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