How Content Marketing is Outpacing SEO in 2015

How Is Content Marketing Racing Past “The Old SEO” This Year?

The world is waking up to something many of us have known all along: people want content.

It’s akin to the worldwide trend of choosing healthy, whole foods over processed junk. (I’ve switched to mostly organic myself, after researching the chemicals the dyes in processed foods are actually made from.) We knew it was there, and that it was better for us. Societally, though, we’d grown accustomed to boxed stuff loaded with preservatives or fast food. When the scales tipped a bit, people started going “Woah! This stuff is amazing!” It was there the whole time, but we were overlooking the obvious. Currently, there are cookbooks, e-books, websites, blogs, and TV shows, all dedicated to teaching us how to transition to better options and enjoy the benefits. A few years ago, content marketing surfaced as a better way of marketing and the exact same phenomenon is occurring…

How Content Marketing is Outpacing SEO in 2015


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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