Hiring an Optimizer? Look For These 8 Traits

Hiring an Optimizer? Look For These 8 TraitsConversion optimization isn’t necessarily something you can major in during college, so how can you tell who will be a world-class optimizer and who will just be..meh?

While there are many universal traits that define a good hire – proactivity, strong work ethic, critical thinking, attention to detail, and so on – there are some specific and unique traits that help optimizers flourish.

From talking to the most prominent conversion optimizers in the industry, we honed in on some of these specific traits. Of course, after talking to enough people, there was a huge variety of traits that came up. We narrowed it down as far as we could, and sent a survey out asking optimizers – those that have worked with and hired many other optimizers – to rank traits in importance. Here are the results:

Hiring an Optimizer? Look For These 8 Traits


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