Growth Hacking Automation With Zapier

The New Era Of Growth Hacking Automation


Remember the time you had to do everything by hand? The time you had to take all your customers from a spreadsheet and manually send them a personal email (a template you had to copy/paste and change the name, company etc.).

Luckily this era belongs to the past. Startuppers and people in tech don’t have the luxury of time to deal with silly micro tasks.

Not having an idea of coding could be disastrous if one wants automated processes. But life is hard, right?

NO it’s NOT!

Zapier introduced us into a whole new era of automation. The Homo Zapier era, as we say in GrowthRocks. Zapier offers a chance for non-techs to build growth hacking automations, in a quick and painless manner…

 Growth Hacking Automation With Zapier

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