Google Analytics: Unlocking Big Data In 10 Steps

The term “data-driven” is widely spread around the web, but how many people are really data driven when it comes to their marketing approach? There are a bunch of challenges on this approach but thank God we have tools like Google Analytics and Google sheets.

What’s the importance of big data analytics?

“Big data is a way to preserve context that is missing in the refined structured data stores — this means a balance between intentionally “dirty” data and data cleaned from unnecessary digital exhaust, sampling or no sampling. A capability to combine multiple data sources creates new expectations for consistent quality; for example, to accurately account for differences in granularity, the velocity of changes, lifespan, perishability and dependencies of participating datasets. Convergence of social, mobile, cloud and big data technologies presents new requirements — getting the right information to the consumer quickly, ensuring reliability of external data you don’t have control over, validating the relationships among data elements, looking for data synergies and gaps, creating provenance of the data you provide to others, spotting skewed and biased data.” – Svetlana Sicular.

This article is my latest addition to our step by step guides (make sure to check our Guest Blogging guide). This time, you’ll learn how to integrate Google Analytics with Google Sheets in order to gather all the segments of big data for your website, mobile app or eCommerce. It’s a pretty easy process that everyone should be in the position to follow…

 Google Analytics: Unlocking Big Data In 10 Steps

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