Free SEO Tool Tuesday: KSP Keyword Research Tool

In addition to our SEOToolSet suite of diagnostic tools, Bruce Clay, Inc. also has a comprehensive set of free SEO tools. To introduce you to our 10 free tools, we’ve started the Free SEO Tool Tuesday series to highlight what each free tool does and how to use the data it gives you. Here’s the second free tool in the miniseries. Enjoy! 

Today’s Free SEO Tool: KSP Keyword Research Tool

Tool type: keyword research

What you learn: pertinent information about potential keyword search volume and context

Why this matters: The eight fields of data you get from this tool offer a well-rounded view of how your keywords measure up, who’s using them, and whether the keywords mean to the general public what you think they mean. By comparing the stats of up to 12 keyword phrases, you can make cuts and prioritize your keyword list.

Free SEO Tool Tuesday: KSP Keyword Research Tool


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