Five Quick Tips for Thinking Like a Marketing Revolutionary

We are living in a revolutionary age. Moreover, our digital revolution promises to be the equivalent of the industrial revolution that transformed industry long ago. In today’s workforce, many people are this generation’s blacksmiths and just don’t realize it yet.

Today, iteration, transition, and even evolution are methodologies no longer fast enough to keep pace with the shifts in the marketplace. We are living in an age of logarithmic change, as Ray Kurzweil states, where even the rate of acceleration is itself accelerating.

Adoption curves are contracting as laggards now are adopting with the pace of the early majority. Industries that have dominated categories are now more vulnerable to market shifts. Moreover, product lifecycles are shrinking as even high-cost products like consumer electronics are being considered high churn and disposable…

Five Quick Tips for Thinking Like a Marketing Revolutionary 


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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