Finding Your Niche … and Beyond

When I first started in copywriting, I knew nothing about niches.

My mentor wrote primarily for financial newsletters, but he also wrote for other products. It all seemed a hodgepodge. I felt the way to success was writing financial copy with a smattering of this, that, and the other thing.

Then AWAI came into my life. (I was one of their first members. Back in those earliest days, The Accelerated Program arrived unbound in a cardboard box.)

AWAI taught me about niches—and how choosing a niche can be an important first step in your successful career journey.

A niche is a very well-defined and distinct part of the vast world of direct marketing. When you say niche, most beginning copywriters think financial, alternative health, self-help, fundraising, and business-to-business.

But niches can be as diverse as writing for the pet industry, the construction industry, or educational products. Almost every product available to buy today fits into a specific niche, where it could be sold through direct marketing.

That provides you with tremendous opportunities … and a tremendous challenge.

The opportunity is obvious. The huge array of niches means abundant opportunities for you.

The challenge? Choosing what niches you want to write for …

Which road do you take?

Choosing a niche is much like standing at a trailhead. Numerous trails branch out in front of you. All promise a beautiful experience at the end.

That end is your copywriting success.

Finding Your Niche … and Beyond


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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