Email marketing statistics and insights for 2015

By Marla Elena via FlickrEmail is a form of communication that has been around for longer than when the internet came to be. Believe it or not email is still central to a company’s efforts, business goals and marketing strategies. It has not been replaced by any novel technology nor by the latest technology available on the marketplace. Utilizing fundamentally sound email marketing tactics will be instrumental in 2015 for your business. A recently published infographic on highlights what specific metrics to pay attention when formulating an email marketing plan for this year and how to maximize the channel’s potential.

The usage of email offers a multitude of benefits to reap and not to mention numerous advantages for company. Electronic mail has the following perks: cost effective, more personal, immediate, high click-through rate (CTR), measurable and high return on investment (ROI).

In other words, email is much more affordable for a business and offers the ability to personalize relationships with existing or potential customers. The email software is equipped with the necessary tools and analytics to accurately measure interactions when they are sent out. In addition, email brings in substantial CTR traffic along with a large ROI.

Email marketing statistics and insights for 2015


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