Eight tips for an effective multi-channel marketing plan

Different people prefer different devices.Different people prefer different devices. Photo: CHARLOTTE CURD/FAIRFAX NZ

When you organise a barbecue, it’s likely you will use a number of channels to communicate with your guests. First you might call to tell them you’re planning a party, then text a time and date and then after the event follow with photos on Facebook. Communicating with your customers shouldn’t be any different.

Customers expect to be able to contact you through their preferred communication channel. If they can’t, they will go elsewhere.  Salmat research found retail consumers spend up to 36 per cent more when they engage with a business through more than one channel. To ensure your customers enjoy spending time with you, here are eight tips to cook yourself up an effective multi-channel marketing party.

1.     Make a (meal) plan

Knowing what you want to achieve from your marketing is crucial for successfully shaping your entire strategy. Set benchmarks to help measure your success and plan your trajectory starting with key business drivers. Are you looking to minimise operational costs, generate a new revenue stream, or retain an existing customer? You should know how to assess if a channel is working and know when to tweak your communication. Knowing what’s not working and why is as important as knowing what is working.



Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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