Driving Your Crowdfunding Campaign’s Success With Social Media Influencers

By its very definition, crowdfunding relies on a large group of people to fund a project. But when you’re starting a new project, how do you find your “crowd”?

That’s where high-quality relationships with strong social media influencers becomes important.

Who Are Social Media Influencers?

Social media influencers are your crowd leaders. They’re trusted, credible voices that lead the conversation and drive action within their networks and communities. A strong relationship with your influencers translates into strong relationships with your target audience, ultimately leading to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

But who are influencers on a more practical level? Small Business Trends has identified five types of influencers online:

  1. The Social Butterflies. Social Butterflies are the people that seem to know everyone. Because of their large network, they have a wide reach, making them valuable when it comes to getting the word out about your campaign.
  2. The Thought Leaders. Thought Leaders are the ones your target audiences trust the most. Partnering with Thought Leaders boosts your authority, and by connecting with them you’ll have access to their loyal networks. Having Thought Leaders retweet your tweets or blog about your campaign is remarkably beneficial.

Driving Your Crowdfunding Campaign’s Success With Social Media Influencers


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