Driving Traffic With Content: 12 Content Marketing Leaders Reveal the Truth

Content is king; just ask Google. That being said, the adage falls flat when your content hides behind a veil of secrecy the NSA would envy. The fact is, there is not only plenty of dubious content published online every day, there is a boatload of really fantastic stuff as well. Is your organization is creating content you can be proud of? Great! How do you use it to drive traffic to your brand’s online empire?

I’m a freelance writer, content creator and content strategy consultant. I’ve a decade under my belt (explains why it’s grown a few notches!) creating and planning online content for organizations large and small. I haven’t seen it all, though. Far from it. To give you a more complete picture of how content creates traffic, I put some questions on how it all works to some of the world’s leading online traffic and content experts.

Here’s some of what we discussed:

  1. What’s the most misunderstood aspect of using content to drive traffic?
  2. What’s the most ignored, yet effective way brands use content to drive traffic?
  3. What is the most effective, high ROI way brands can leverage content to drive traffic?

There are some common threads here. One thing is apparent; whether you’re a small business employing 40, or a multinational with a staff of 40,000, your organization may be leaving behind some R on your content I.

Jay Baer – CEO, Convince and Convert. Convince and convert is one of the nation’s most respected social media and content marketing consulting firms, who work on social media and content strategies with major brands such as Walmart, Columbia Sportswear, and Allstate. Jay is also leading marketing blogger, a frequent speaker at major marketing conferences around the world. You can see his words of wisdom on GooglePlus 

The most misunderstood aspect of using content to drive traffic is that headlines (and increasingly visuals) are by far the most important element. Usually that’s all people have to go on to make a decision to click. There are zero popular blogs that don’t feature consistently good headlines.

Driving Traffic With Content: 12 Content Marketing Leaders Reveal the Truth


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