Don’t Go Into Web Marketing Blind — Use Checklists!

Need to get organized when it comes to your day-to-day work in online marketing? Contributor Stoney deGeyter’s got you covered.

use-web-marketing-checklistsSome people are just checklist people. I’m one of them. I do everything from a checklist. I have a chore checklist, a checklist for work, and even one for groceries. Yeah, most people just call that a “grocery list,” but to me, it’s a checklist!

The thing is, I’m a completer. I love being able to complete things. In the grocery store, I’ve been known to add an item to my checklist that I’ve already put in my shopping cart, just so I can check it off. It feels good! I feel accomplished.

I realize not everyone is like me (many consider this a blessing), so the idea behind using a checklist may not be as intuitive for you as it is for me. But I’m not here to try and change your life. You don’t have to use a checklist for your day-to-day routines like I do. (No need to count the brush strokes while brushing your teeth!)

However, I am going to try to sell you on the idea of using a checklist for your web marketing campaign(s), not just because I wrote the book on it, but because I like to tell people about things that work – and let me tell you, web marketing checklists work!

Don’t Go Into Web Marketing Blind — Use Checklists!


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