Different Species of Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]

What kind of people are Millennials? And how does their demographic think about what they buy?

This infographic from the Canadian Marketing Association considers just these questions.

The largest proportion of Millennials, the mainstream, live in urban or suburban areas. This group is nicknamed “Bros and Brittanys” and they make up 38% of Millennials. They show strong enthusiasm for brands.

The “Engaged Idealists” make up 19% of Millennials. They tend to hold progressive values and be ambitious.

The “Lone Wolves” also make up 19% of Millennials. They actively disengage from society and reject authority.

The “New Traditionalists” also make up 10% of Millennials. They are practical consumers, careful with money and have a low need for status…

Different Species of Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]


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