Copywriters, What Inspires You?

Copywriters, What Inspires You?

copywriterswhatinspiresyouHad my head buried in extremely difficult sales letter all week. Pretty fun. Lots of collaboration. We’ll see how it converts.

The Client is a top doctor on the Internet. Seriously, like one of the top 50.

Doesn’t want his brand messed with. Wants things in his voice. (Something I’m particularly good at.) Wants to sell people a health plan on something they should already be doing. Doesn’t want it to be salesy. (Something I’m even better at.)

Oh and did I mention he wants to hit it out of the park? And the deadline?

I’d written about 50 pages so far. Had to whittle it down to about 20.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. I enjoy the challenge immensely, except for maybe the deadline.

It’s amazing how much better the copy is when you’re happy, isn’t it? People try to stress me out with their deadlines and such.

And you know what? I understand deadlines are important. I live by them. With my workload, I have to live by them. But I try not to buy into the stress.

It compromises conversions without the copy even being tested. At least for me.

Plus, I’m definitely not into grumbling when writing.

What about you? What inspires you?

I mean some copywriters I talk to procrastinate until the last minute. The deadline motivates them. They like it that way. I think it’s copywriting S&M, personally.

But, to each their own.

Sounds pollyanna, but I tend to get inspired by the work. By the contribution I’m making when someone buys a product. Whatever it is.

Because assuming I have my way, when they read my
copy, just because they read my copy, it’ll change their life.

I’ve said all that to say:

If you’re not inspired when writing,
don’t write. It’s a waste of time.

Or go ahead and write. But with the intention of just getting into the flow of it.

One of the TRUE SECRETS to writing great copy is to be inspired when you’re writing. Where it isn’t a job or chore or something you gotta do.

The work goes fast. You’re in the flow. And when people do read, they’ll pick up on subtle cues. Your copy will make them feel good. And they won’t even know quite why.

PS: Next up for me? I’m writing copy for a seminar. The most expensive program I’ve ever written copy for. $100K a head.

I’ve written copy for $25K and $50K a head. But never $100K.

But first I have to critique this god awful VSL selling a beauty product. And then crank out some headlines. Busy day.

PPS: I don’t have anything to sell you today. Except the notion that being inspired when you write will dramatically improve your copy. Do whatever it takes to generate that inspiration. Just don’t wait for it.


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