Content Marketing vs. PPC

Content Marketing Vs. Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click?  That is spending a portion of your Advertising Budget on a Google AdWords Campaign.  How much does it cost?  If you use it to test keywords, and to see how the market reacts?  You can get by on a PPC Campaign for as little as 20 dollars per day.   This won’t yield any sales, but you might be able to create a Self Liquidating Offer, or determine which keywords work in your area of expertise, or product.  Should you “Go Big” with a PPC Campaign?  Hardly ever is this recommendation useful, since you can wrack up tens of thousands of dollars worth of “clicks”  Google will be very pleased, and you will be broke.  PPC works best professionally managed, and with larger ticket sales like cars, doctors, software, or as an adjunct to other marketing.  More mature brands can value by slowly easing into the PPC space, not jumping in big, and wasting valuable research and dollars.

What is Content Marketing?   This is an “organic approach”  to marketing, and you are hoping that your clients will find you through quality content on your Website, or Blog, or as a guest blogger.  Content Marketing involves more labor, and if you enjoy writing, are disciplined, and are willing to study how search engines work, can be a very rewarding and satisfying way to increase visibility and get new clients.  You’ll need some experience at crafting keyword sentences, headers and paragraphs, you’ll need to know how backlinks work, and you’ll need to take a long ball game approach to marketing.

content marketing vs. ppc


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