Content Marketing Like The Pros Do It

Small business owners, are you using content marketing tools as effectively as you could be?

Consider the following two points. One, more and more small businesses are embracing the content marketing insightsmerits of social media and content marketing; in fact, more than 90 percent of all businesses now use social channels for marketing purposes, and nearly as many say that these channels are important to their marketing success. And two, the majority of small business owners say that, while they believe content marketing is important, they’re not necessarily confident about how they’re doing it; they’re not necessarily sure about the best practices for savvy content marketing.

It might be helpful, then, to consider it from another angle. You may feel like you’re a bit of a content marketing amateur—but how do the pros handle things? And what lessons might we learn from them?

Survey says…

A company called Software Advice recently conducted a survey of some of the country’s leadingprofessional marketers. The survey questions are wide-ranging and revealing. In particular, some of the key findings include:

Content Marketing Like The Pros Do It


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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