Content Marketing Killers Are Everywhere

Beating blank page syndrome can be worse than your first date — content creation is fraught with peril for many small businesses.

Great Content Marketing Starts Here

Give up on the introduction and start at the middle or the end.

Even a crude outline can get you started: napkin, match book covers, menus — wherever inspiration hits.

Write a story: setting, players, tone, conflict, “Romeo and Juliet” elements.

Whip out your phone and start talking for playback in front of the page.

Read more: it’s going to inspire you to be a better writer.

Write in increments: give yourself a timed period to create content and review the results later. But, this may crank up the anxiety and limit the content. Test it.

Use a different medium: pen, paper, video or audio.

Forget writing content – visual may be the best way to tell your brand story.

  1. Your building authenticity with your community: visual’s impact drives relevance.
  2. As technology “takes over our lives” visual strikes a chord within others. Sensory currency is “real” to the visitor.
  3. Visuals drive cultural relevancy that engages the visitor in ways that text cannot equate with.
  4. Archetypes” have been around since the days of ancient cave man paintings and visuals are a powerful storytelling tools that feature “heroines” and “heroes” embedded in brand storytelling.
  5. Visuals cut through the clutter and chatter that’s “smartphone” driven for many consumers and professionals.

Content Marketing Killers Are Everywhere


Rick Duris is CopyRanger.

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